Second expedition Day 1

Yesterday Dominiek arrived in Kangerlussuaq with the two runners. He did the grosseries, prepared all expedition gear, tested the camp fires and teached them how to use it. He checked and double checked. Inaccuracy is dangerous in the wilderness of Greenland so you can’t afford to work carelessly. Frederik and Peter ran for the first […]

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The story continues

Here I am again. The next ten days you can expect more updates on Trail Run Expeditions in Greenland. First of all we have a lot of images of the inaugural edition to publish but our story of trail running in Greenland continues too because the second team is on their way to Greenland. In […]

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Day 5 last day

The last night of the expedition, the runners slept on frozen Lake Ferguson. Apparently they heard the ice cracking beneath the tents. A normal natural phenomenon but a bit scary to listen to. Did I tell it never gets dark in Greenland during the expeditions? This morning the sun was warming up the tents. Dixie […]

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Day 4

Today the team was transported in a van towards Lake Ferguson. It seems that it wasn’t a comfortable trip. The van was small and the road was adventurous. But the sun was shining all day long and they were heading for another beautiful place to run. Three men went sky running in the afternoon with […]

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Day 3

Today the group has run on the ice cap with crampons on! It was cloudy and the wind on the ice cap was very cold but what did you expect? Fortunately the runners were in heaven because of the colours and beauty of the ice. It’s like a huge frozen blue sea. Finally the sun […]

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Day 1 and day 2

On the first day of the trail run expedition, I didn’t receive many data from the inReach. Not enough to write a blog post. Now, at the end of the second day I finally can write something. And… I found some pictures on Instagram that Dixie must have transmitted by his inReach device, I guess. […]

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Arrival of the trail runners

Today the first group of trail runners arrived in Kangerlussuaq. It was snowing softly but the cold was bearable. They took a yellow, American schoolbus to Old Camp to the ‘hotel’. That will be the last day they sleep in a bed. At noon they ran to the airport to have lunch. Every one was […]

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