Weather forecast for May

Within a few days it is D-day. The take off of the first Trail Run Expedition in West-Greenland, Kangerlussuaq.

The weather is very different than the last years. Spring should have begun at this time of the year but it’s still extremely cold and the area is largely covered by snow. The forecast is nights of -19°C to 5°C during the day. It’s dry and few wind is expected.

All trail runners should be prepared and maybe, hopefully, spring sunshine will surprise us. Anyway, we advise every one to adept running clothing to freezing temperatures.

  • Long pants
  • First layer long sleeves
  • Second layer
  • Decent windstopper/rain jacket
  • Water repellent pants for heavy weather
  • Gloves, cap and balaklava
  • Decent socks + second pair

At base camp the runners should provide warm cloths existing of different layers, thermic underwear, gloves, beanie, warm socks and shoes.

Dominiek is leaving to Kangerlussuaq tomorrow to mark the different routes. He is looking forward to meet the runners on Friday the 4th of May. Katrien will daily write a brief blogpost to inform family and friends and every one else who’s curious about this bucket list adventure. A fairy tail in the frozen snow.

How is communication in such unreachable place on Earth even possible? There is no smartphone signal.

Dominiek has a special device for tracking, emergency and very basic communication. The InReach from Garmin which operates on the Iridium satellite network — a synchronized constellation of 66 low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. It’s the only network that spans the entire globe, offering seamless 100 percent coverage worldwide. He can send 9 text messages with 148 characters a day. That’s all folks. No speach, no visuals, no internet. With that data Katrien will write the blogposts. She also has a link to a webpage from the system where she can follow the journey on a detailled map.


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