Inaugural expedition Day 1 and day 2


On the first day of the trail run expedition, I didn’t receive many data from the inReach. Not enough to write a blog post. Now, at the end of the second day I finally can write something. And… I found some pictures on Instagram that Dixie must have transmitted by his inReach device, I guess.

One hour before starting, every one prepared the material. They were mentally preparing too. There was snowfall and cold wind. Four runners chose a trail of 35 km. One chose 15 km and started later to try to match the times of arriving at the camp. They were impressed by the beauty of Greenland. Meanwhile Dixie was setting up the camp for the first night.


After two hours the runner who chose 15 km arrived at the camp. The four others were still running in the wild. Dominiek was a bit worried but the terrain was difficult so it was hard to forecast the running pace and total time they would need to finish.


Suddenly there they were at the top! Euphorically but not finished yet. They still had to run 15 km on dirt road. They saw reindeer, polar fox, Arctic hare and osprey.

All arived well in camp. It was snowing again. They seemed very happy and the ambiance was good. Guess what they were talking about? Right, running!
Three people apparently weren’t too tired yet because they left the camp to climb Sugar Loaf.


This morning they woke up around 7 AM after a freezing night . There was something funny (?) with pee bottles? (Later, when they are back, I will complete the text). They had to move to keep warm. It was -8°C at 8 AM. They boiled snow tot cook and fill the thermos bottles. Every one helped clearing away the camp.

At 10 AM they were ready to start running. The sky was grey but there was no wind. Dominiek took the complete team to run through a beautiful canyon. After 6 km, one person continued on the road. Dominiek and the four others ran over the mountain ridge along Long Lake. And Dixie was setting up the second camp on a frozen lake nearby Russell Glacier.

They all arrived safely. They changed clothes, sat around the fire and had diner.


2 thoughts on “Inaugural expedition Day 1 and day 2

  1. So nice we can follow this adventure a bit by means of this blog ! And happy all went well up till now . Yeah some pictures of Thirsa and Christoph and the other team members . Anyway lots of succes for the remaining days and we looking forward for more news ! Enjoy all the new things that are coming your way !

    Wim & Thea

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